This area of the website is going to be about my pursuit of Black & White.  For the first 20 years of my photographic life, I was an avowed Black & White photographer.  Starting with 35mm and then progressing to Medium and Large Format, I fell in love with the silver-based, B&W look.  Tri-X developed in HC110 or Pyro, printed on a full-bodied, graded paper, selenium toned, gave me a look and feel that I truly loved.

What was it?

The emotion of the subtle, dancing, highlights and strength of the midtones anchored by deep blacks became the palette I identified with.  I kept working in larger formats because the seamless, grainless, look of Black and White with high tonal fidelity gave me the "touchability" and ability to feel tonal surfaces in the image.  For me, this was a high point in working with photography as a medium and what the "medium" was all about.  This particular look was a perfect fit for the way that I connected with the world and expressed it through my photographic work.

During the late 90's my favorite papers kept going out of production; this is something that has not been uncommon throughout much of photography's 150 years.  I adjusted, worked with other papers and developers and was still reasonably happy (though I purchased a good freezer).

Then, the digital revolution reached critical mass and everything changed.