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Welcome to my Website!

For me, Photography has been a means to better perceive our world. It is an important part of my continuing journey through this life and a passion of mine for over 40 years. After studying photojournalism in school and working as a string assignment photographer, I realized that I loved visual storytelling and expression that is the hallmark of great photography.

Black and White was my primary medium during my first 25 years of photography; I still make Black and White prints today in my darkroom. The advent of Digital Photography brought more far color into my work and greatly expanded my palette as a result. I have worked with a variety of camera formats from 8x10 to 35mm. I enjoy working with digital imaging and integrate it with my film-based working methods.

I have integrated my professional technology training with digital imaging to blend image making and story telling with high quality book publishing and content syndication. My Route15 project is one such example. Please see the links to order a copy of this book on-demand and delivered to your door.

My work is held in the United States Library of Congress, and has been published in Lenswork's "Our Magnificent Planet" Publication  (Fall 2020). 

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